• Semiconductor Processing Equipment
  • Counter Series Labor-Saving Equipment/Jig Manufacturing
  • Parts Manufacture

Semiconductor Processing Equipment

Wax bonding, grinding, lapping, scribing, breaking. We provide tools for a variety of processes.
In addition, we can provide customized specifications or custom-designed machines tailored to whatever you may need.
To find out how much we can contribute to your manufacturing process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wafer Processing

  • Wax Bonding Machines
    Wax Bonding Machines

    Mounts wafers onto a
    ceramic plate by wax

  • Grinding Machines
    Grinding Machines

    Removes unnecessary
    thickess from the wafer

  • Lapping Machines
    Lapping Machines

    Smoothly polishes the wafer to a precise

Die Preparation

  • Scribing Machines
    Scribing Machines

    Zero street witdth and a
    smooth mirror-like cut

  • Breaking Machines
    Breaking Machines

    The best tool for hard
    substrate or compound

Counter Series, Labour-Saving Equipment/Jig Manufacturing

Parts Manufacture

Cable Manufacturing

  • We design & produce various order-made wire harnesses and cables.

    We also take OEM harness orders. (10+ semi-automatic crimping machines in possession.)

    Free quotation. Single orders possible.

    In addition to simple cables, we can also make cables with special feature specifications to your request.

    Also, we can make electrical apparatus from combining cables with electrical components.

    Can be made RoHS compliant.

Control Panels

We take contract work for diagram-based control panel assembly.
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