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    PRIVACY POLICYプライバシーポリシー

    • Personal Information Protection Policy

      Kumasan Medix Co., Ltd. (hereafter "the company") understands that personal information is an important asset in today's society of mass communication, recognizes that proper handling of personal information is an important responsibility and declares that it will endeavor to protect personal information based on the following policies.

      Adherance to the Laws and Regulations Regarding Personal Information Protection

      The company will abide by the laws and other codes regarding the protection of personal information, and will handle personal information appropriately.

      Acquisition of Personal Information

      The company will, when obtaining personal information, endeavor to make clear the purpose of use, as well as use legal and fair methods to obtain such information.

      Use of Personal Information

      Personal data obtained by the company will be used for the purpose stated upon acquisition, or to the extent of reasonable relation to such purpose, to the limit necessary for the performance of the company's duties.

      Sharing of Personal Information to Third Parties

      The company will not, unless required by law, share the user's personal information with third parties without the user's prior consent.

      Management of Personal Information

      The company will save the most recent and correct personal information and manage it safely as well as employ necessary and suitable information security measures to protect from loss, falsification and leakage etc. of personal information.

      Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use, and Deletion of Personal Information

      The company recognises that the user has a right to request the disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and deletion of the user's personal information, will implement a Personal Information Consultation Point of Contact, and will promptly respond to any aforementioned request in conformance with the law.

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