• CEO's Message

    With the steady advancement of the IT revolution, Japan's, and the world's economic and industrial structures are in the process of a great change that will surpass national borders.
    The evolution of electronic devices are also changing the way we live. At our company, in response to these kinds of changes, each and every employee strives to innovate as they look at things from the customer's perspective and sense their needs. The resulting products and service born from this then evolves into something truly useful to the customer. This cycle is our mission here at Kumasan Medix, and we will continue to work hard towards it.
    I humbly ask for your support and encouragement.
    Tsuguhisa Shirase, President
New technology, new products, and new Research to be useful to the customer
Service that values connections between people, that empathizes with customers.
Technology to make products of true quality, including hardware and software, that helps the world.


July 1995
Factory is completed after invitation to do business in Ozu, Kumamoto (Factory 1 Wing 1).
January 1998
Factory expansion (Factory 1 Wing 2). January 2000: ACC Factory Expansion.
June 2000
Technical Center Factory opens in Ozu, Kumamoto. Iwate branch opens in Mizusawa, Iwate.
March 2001
Factory 2 opens in Ozu, Kumamoto.
February 2002
New head office is completed in Shimosuzurikawa, Kumamoto City.
September 2006
Factory 3 opens in Ozu, Kumamoto.
January 2007
Aizu Office opens in Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima.
April 2011
Plant Factory opens in Ozu, Kumamoto.
May 2011
Medix (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. opens.
February 2012
Ozu Minami Factory in Iwasaka, Ozu, Kumamoto is completed.
November 2014
Branch Office opens in Taiwan.
March 2017
Kawabe Factory is completed in Kyokushikawabe, Kikuchi, Kumamoto.
January 2018
Shisui Factory is completed in Shisui, Kikuchi, Kumamoto.
May 2022
Started operations at the Sisu No. 4 Factory
July 2022
Material department started operations at Oyama Warehouse in Kumamoto City
August 2022
Hirakawa No. 2 Factory completed in Hirakawa, Otsu-cho, Kumamoto Prefecture
August 2022
Completed Koshi Factory in Koshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture
October 2022
Started operations at the 3rd ACC Factory in Kikuyo-cho, Kumamoto Prefecture
December 2022
Started operations at Otsu Minami No. 4 Factory
June 2023
Started operations at Hirakawa 3rd Factory
  • Profile

    Capital Stock
    \90 million
    October 1988
    No. of Employees
    1,384 (as of October 2022)
    Kimiko Shirase
    Tsuguhisa Shirase
    Managing Executive Director
    Akitaka Tosu
    Managing Executive Officer
    Katsunori Kubo
    Tomoko Kiyama
    Trading Banks
    Suidocho Branch, Higo Bank
    Kyomachidai Branch, Kumamoto Bank
    Group Companies
    Kumamoto Sanso Corporation
    Kumasan Medical Gas Co., Ltd.
    Kumasan Industrial Gas Co., Ltd.
    MIT Co., Ltd
  • Current and Previous Clients

    TDK Corporation

    USHIO Inc.

    On Semiconductor Technology

    Seiko Epson Corporation

    Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation

    Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

    Lapis Semiconductor Miyazaki Co., Ltd.

    RICOH Electronic Devices Co., Ltd.

    Renesas Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    ROHM Apollo Co., Ltd.

    Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation

    Asahi Kasei Corporation

    SUMCO Corporation

    Amkor Technology Japan, Inc.

    Japan Semiconductor Corporation

    Daifuku Co., Ltd.

    DENSO Corporation

    PerkinElmer Japan Co., Ltd.

    Mitsubishi Electric Trading Corporation

    Tokyo Electron FE Ltd.

    Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions Ltd.

    Tokyo Electron Limited

    Tokyo Electron Kyushu Ltd.

    Texas Instruments Japan Limited

    Hitachi Procurement Service Co., Ltd.

    Fuji Electric Tsugaru Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Environmental Philosophy and Policies

Environmental Philosophy
Kumasan Medix Co., Ltd. recognises the importance of environmental protection in manufacturing and, through continuous environmental improvement actions, promotes corporate activities that are in harmony with the environment.
Environmental Policies

1. Kumasan Medix will survey for and understand the environmental burden of its operation and work hard to decrease it.

2. We will abide by the related laws, conventions, and agreements to promote environmental protection.

3. We will understand the societal movements in relation to global environmental problems and reflect that appropriately in the operation of our business.

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