Medix (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.美笛軻蘇(上海)電子科技有限公司

  • Medix (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a Shanghai company founded by Kumasan Medix Co., Ltd. as a fully owned investment.
    With the company precepts of "thanks", "trust", and "development" as its purpose, and the "customer comes first" principle as its desire, it provides superior service that fits the customer's needs.
    It mainly provides maintenance and service engineering for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and industrial machinery; harness production; consumables and tools sales; manufacturing equipment import sales and export; and sales of parts for other industrial machinery.
Harness Production
We produce small lot harnesses for use with manufacturing equipment, etc..
Contracted Production of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
From design (mech., elec., soft.), to assembly, adjustment, testing and installation.
Production and Modification of All Types of Vacuum Piping
We deal with automatic welding and leak inspection for all types of SUS piping.
Used Ion Infusion Equipment Relocation and Sales
Relocation, modification, overhaul and used sales of ion infusion machines.

Medix (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. works in complete cooperation with one another in order to respond to the customer's needs.
If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know.

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