Semiconductor Processing Equipment

Semi-Automatic Scribing Machine for 4-Inch Wafers (Product Name: TEC-2005RM)

  • High speed, high quality! The definitive scribing machine.


  • High Stability Design, High Throughput
    Independent processing, feed, and camera axes. Removes the vibration and blurring from high-speed use, and creates precise scribe lines. What's more, high speed settings are also available.
    Auto-Alignment Function
    Our original image recognition system allows for consolidated bar array recognition. In addition, Wafer Fragment Mode, which allows for single chip recognition, is also included.
    Air-Controlled Tool Pressure
    Unlike spring types, this allows for a fixed application of pressure that is not affected by the cutting depth which, along with the air suspension effect, means that tool jumping is extremely low.
    Linear Servo Motor Installation
    To decrease the vibration at the driving end, a linear servo motor has been installed which allows for a more accurate scribe.


Diamond Scribe Tool
A scribe tool born from superior diamond processing techniques and accumulated scribing techniques.
Tool Setter
A jig for saving preparation time and easily set the cutting point. Makes the operation more accurate and faster.

Size (Width x Depth x Height)

750mm×930mm×1560mm / 700kg

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