Breaking Machine

Fully Automatic Breaking for up to 6-Inch Wafers (Product Name: TEC-1228AL)

  • The next generation breaking machine that supports 6-inch wafers.


Standardized for 6-inch wafers
Can also be used for wafers from 2 to 4 inches by changing the break blade and work table.
Break detection function
Eliminates secondary breaking errors.
High efficiency wafer transport system
Double-armed transport shortens wafer loading time.
Accurate image recognition functions
The clarity of the machine’s optical system reduces matching errors in image recognition.


Top Face Light System
Add effective top face lighting to deal with wafers that are difficult to see when only alluminated from the bottom face.
Magnetic Hammer Unit
This unit supports breaking that is difficult to accomplish with normal breaking operations.

Size (Width x Depth x Height)

1516mm×862mm×1506mm / 650kg

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