Semiconductor Processing Equipment

Wax Mounter for up to 4-Inch Wafers (Product Name: TEC-1006ZR)

  • Automized for the mounting of multiple wafers on one ceramic plate.


Stabilized evenness of wafer mounting (our achievement: 2.5um)

Multiple wafers can be used

2-inch: up to 10 wafers; 3-inch: up to 5 wafers; 4-inch: up to 3 wafers can be mounted.

Can work with various processes, e.g. heating, wax application, pressing, cooling.

High throughput can be achieved via the optimization of the settings (our achievement: 8 x 2-inch wafers in under 15 minutes).

Size (Width x Depth x Height)

940mm×810mm×1680mm / 500kg

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