Breaking Machine

Fully Automatic Breaking for up to 4-Inch Wafers (Product Name: TEC-1018AR)

  • Chip seperation, package seperation and more; this Fully Automatic Breaking Machine has a wide spectrum of functions.


Fully automated operation with image recognition
All wafer processing from the loading to unloading is carried out automatically based on image recognition.
Automatic wafer alignment function
Has an auto-alignment function, indispensable in fully automatic breaking.
Break detection function
Eliminates secondary breaking errors.
High stability design
Enables breaking wafers into very small chips.
Large capacity loading/unloading system
Cassettes that can hold up to 25 rings are available.
Custom breaking blades
We can customize the tip shape of your breaking blade.


Top Face Light System
Add effective top face lighting to deal with wafers that are difficult to see when only alluminated from the bottom face.
Magnetic Hammer Unit
This unit supports breaking that is difficult to accomplish with normal breaking operations.

Size (Width x Depth x Height)

1166m×862mm×1963mm / 550kg

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