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Wax Mounter for up to 12-Inch Wafers (Product Name: TEC-1001MB)

  • The wafer wax mounting process is an important process that can greatly affect the wafer's polishing condition and the precision of the wafer's thickness. This is a specialized wafer wax mounter for the realization of high quality grinding and polishing processes.


  • Mounting Condition Controls
    Adjustable settings for pressure, temperature and time to suit the properties of the wafer, and limit the damage to the device.
    Uneven Wax Application Prevention
    Through optimization of the heating and cooling processes, and high stability function design, our machine realizes an even heat distribution and stable load distribution to prevent unevenness in the wax thickness that would affect the accuracy of subsequent processes.
    12-Inch Wafer Support
    Supporting wafers with a maximum diameter of 12 inches; in addition to the standard sapphire, SiC, GaAs, GaN, InP, Si wafers, the machine can also be used with other compound wafers and various works.

Primary Specifications

Wafer Wax Mounting Section
Applicable Plate Size
⌀180-⌀320mm, thickness: 5-30mm
Heating/Cooling Setting Temperature range
Room temperature - 160℃
Setting Units
Temperature Distribution Accuracy
Temperature Control Accuracy
Wafer Compression Section
Setting Units
Maximum Pressure

Size (Width x Depth x Height)

650mm x 850mm x 1833mm

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